To be known around the world as an innovative brand for our designs and our sustainability strategies.



To become a driver of change by innovating and sharing our learnings, opening the path for other brands in the industry





WHY? Our brand soul resides in innovating, challenging design and sustainability paradigms. This purpose must be connected to any product, service, or project. Above all, we want to be the standard in design without textile waste generation.


WHAT? Currently, we offer swimsuits, beachwear, and a coco bar experience. Though, one of the goals is to diversify income into other products and services to diminish the pressure on textile production.


FOR WHOM? We aim to integrate all our stakeholders' requirements, acknowledging the importance of solving the needs of our core employees, suppliers, customers, and the environment.


HOW? Developing sustainability strategies that reduce negative social and environmental impacts within our value chain and create positive ones.


HOW MUCH? The quantitative measurement of growth does not intend to measure only economic income. We include social and environmental impact  KPIs and report them on the annual sustainability reports.




Sustainability is not about storytelling but about decisions making. It is not measured in words but in actions. In our sustainability journey, our steps are called: Sustainable Strategies. Each strategy is designed to reduce negative externalities within our value chain and create positive ones. Each company has a different materiality, which are the 3 issues that are more relevant because of their impact to the stakeholders. Our material topics are: Labor conditions, textile waste, and GHG emissions.

Sustainability is an horizon to move forward. It must be surreal, utopic, and beyond our current limits; to move forwards. Nonetheless, seized by achievable goals to initiate the change. Sustainability is when the question “why?” goes over the “what?”. Our purpose must go beyond creating a name, a product, or a service; when we think about our business from a sustainable point of view, we open our eyes to understand our role within the big picture, within our society, our country, our species, our ecosystem and within the world as a whole. Starting from there, the brand becomes a tool for the common good. We believe that one of the roles of companies in sustainability is linked to redirecting their creative capital in efforts to reduce the impact of their processes, as well as to create and guarantee stable and fair employment opportunities, linked to rethinking the business models to redistribute the income generated equitably and diminish the pressure on raw materials. Companies are the basis of our society, the dynamics that we promote within them will be reflected in our environment. 

Disclaimer: This is a dynamic document. We are working towards this vision of sustainability, though we haven’t fully covered all the aspects mentioned. This vision, as well as the soul of the company, might change further in time as everything changes.