Elsa Dress


 Introducing the "Elsa Dress" in Moana - Designed in an ocean-inspired hue, featuring high neck knits and an opening, making it a unique piece. From the use of different textures, this silhouette creates natural movement. Covered in a removable glossy mesh, this dress can be used to elevate any look with pure sophistication.

With this purchase, you are helping rehabilitate 256m2 of coral reef in San Andrés island, Colombia, in alliance with Corales de Paz Organization.

  • Size model is wearing: XS
  • Fits true to size
  • No zipper or hooks, just slip it on!
  • Long sleeve high neck maxi dress
  • Half dress mesh detailing 
  • Front cut out 
  • Removable mesh

Made from 100% NYLON.

How to care for your knitpiece

- Avoid rough surfaces or sharp objects that could damage your knitpiece. Wear your jewelry after putting on your dress.

- Handwash, turn your garment inside out, and gently soak it in cold water for 5-10 minutes, then rinse.

- Lay your knitwear flat to dry. Avoid using high heat or hanging it up, this can affect both the fabric and shape of the garment.

- Store your knits by folding them, hanging them can cause distortion in both shape and fit.

These care instructions will help maintain the perfection of your Baobab pieces ensuring they’ll last forever.