From our journey in fashion, we envision the opportunities and challenges of the fashion industry. The foundation aims to face those challenges and leverage the opportunities, recognizing the power of fashion as a change-maker in order to create positive impacts on people, communities, and the planet.

CHALLENGE Manufacturing is an art in extinction. Fewer young people are interested in learning and doing manual labor. The lack of prestige, opportunities, and poor labor conditions are most likely the determinant factors that have led to this situation.
OPPORTUNITY Rescue the manufacturer's labor by recognizing its importance, spreading this knowledge as a tool for empowerment, and creating fair labor opportunities.

CHALLENGE Sustainability is harder to achieve if we divide as individuals or businesses, allowing competition to prevail over cooperation and unity. If we overcome these divisions and work collectively, we can achieve resilient social systems.
OPPORTUNITY Recognize design as a tool for community building. Develop and promote projects that involve the cooperation of society.

CHALLENGE The textile industry is highly pollutant to the ecosystems due to the production of its raw materials, the production processes, and the overproduction system.
OPPORTUNITY Strengthen the knowledge of low environment impact alternatives within the textile industry and rethink the “business as usual” model.