For every swimsuit you purchase we plant a tree in your name

Our inspiration derives from our landscapes. Our purpose is to recognize and cultivate the value of the biodiversity that define us.

We create awareness of the importance of giving back to the earth
Current project
To protect the ecosystem of the Tití Cabeziblanco Monkey, an endangered species
We planted 1.000 tropical rainforest trees

Dear Baobabe, thanks to your help, we expanded the ecological path in which the Tití Cabeziblanco lives.. Now, this little monkey has 1.000 more trees that serve as shelter and nourishment.

When you purchase a Baobab, you're helping:
Reduce C02 emission
Improving air quality and reducing polution
Fight deforestation
Protecting the species that inhabit these ecosystems
protect species
we plant the trees in areas where there are species in danger of extinction
Battle water waste
Our eco-sustainable stamping process generates no water waste or chemical residues
Previous projects
1000 fruit trees planted in Cundinamarca